Organize, track, and sell without complications or confusion.

UncleSales App for the android is available as a monthly subscription with four plan options. (See table below)

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Why should i use Uncle sales ?

Its a system to manage your employees with efficient task manager and with GPS Track through mobile application to improve your business efficiency.

What happens if i lost net connection in my mobile ?

Uncle sales mobile app has offline feature which will work even when you are not connected to the internet. As soon as the internet connection becomes available UncleSales spools offline data.

What are the Minimum requirement to use Uncle Sales mobile app ?

To get accurate GPS Track, mobile should have minimum specification such
RAM – 1GB, Processor – 1GHz and above, Android OS – 4.0 to 6.0
*if your device has power management just allow Uncle sales app

Why do we need Auto Checkout in Mobile App ?

In case the user forgets to checkout on time. This works when the user is offline too. It will be viewed as offline user in website.

What is need for Checkin and Checkout in Mobile App ?

* To know when the user starts work and when leaves work.
* To show whether the user is online or offline.

Do you accept International Credit cards and apply any Taxes for Transaction ?

UncleSales payment plans accept international credit cards for transaction and no taxes are applied.

What should i do if my account is suspended ?

If your account is suspended, Report your problem to [email protected]. Our Support team will contact you and solve your problem.

How do i extern my premium plans ?

You can either use Stripe payment or Offline payment to extend your plan. If you select stripe payment, it will automatically deduce the amount from your account. If you select offline you will get alert mail and you can pay amount for the required account.

How to stop GPS Tracking while in leave ?

There is no possibility to stop GPS Track in application, but you can disable GPS location in your mobile.

How Secure is Uncle Sales ?

Uncle sales has a secure connection with cloud hosting server, it developed with advanced industry standard coding and encryption technology which can save your data from hackers. Our app is strictly private and no data is shared with other companies.